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Product Candidate
Therapeutic Area
  • Pre-CN
  • Ph 1
  • Ph 2
  • Ph 3/Reg
  • Approved
Tovorafenib Type II RAF inhibitor

OJEMDA™ brand name
in US1


Therapeutic Area: BRAF-altered
Relapsed pLGG

Progress: Phase 2

Clinical Trial: FIREFLY-1 (pivotal Phase 2)

  • PH2
FIREFLY-1 (pivotal Phase 2)

Therapeutic Area: Front-line
RAF-altered pLGG

Progress: Phase 3

Clinical Trial: FIREFLY-2 (pivotal Phase 3)

  • PH3
FIREFLY-2 (pivotal Phase 3)
Pimasertib MEK 1/2 inhibitor

Therapeutic Area: MAPK-altered
solid tumors
(combination with tovorafenib)

Progress: Phase 1

Clinical Trial: FIRELIGHT-1††

  • PH1
VRK1 Program VRK1 inhibitor

Therapeutic Area: Pediatric and adult cancers

Progress: Pre-Clinical

Clinical Trial:

  • PreCN

The safety and efficacy of investigational agents and/or investigational uses of approved products have not been established.

1 OJEMDA has received accelerated approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 
 Pimasertib Phase 1 dose escalation and expansion trial previously completed. 
†† Includes patients ≥12 years of age. 
§ Research collaboration and license agreement with Sprint Bioscience for exclusive worldwide rights to a research-stage program targeting VRK1. 

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